Kristi Anderson

Kristi Anderson

About Kristi Anderson, Social Media Strategist

Kristi joined our team in May 2019 and brings a robust strategic marketing mind to our team. She leads the way on social media as our Social Media Strategist.

Kristi is a native Texan who is now living her best life in the great Pacific Northwest on Lummi Island, an island of vibrant artists and legendary dining spots off the coast of Bellingham, Washington .... how fun! The saying is true, though: "You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't take Texas out of the girl."

A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Kristi hit the ground running to put her Journalism/Public Relations degree to work, first at Edelman Public Relations in Dallas, and then in the non-profit arts sector, including The Houston Symphony, The Spoleto Festival (Charleston, SC), Conspirare Choir (Austin), and the Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival in Washington State.

For the past 12 years, Kristi has worked for AOL/Huffington Post (now known as Oath after a merge with Yahoo!) as a writer, editor, managing editor, community manager, and as a manager of AOL/Huffington Post's global contingent labor program. While at AOL/Huffington Post, Kristi's focus was on developing and launching new lifestyle websites, overseeing content strategy, and building user-generated online and social media programs and campaigns.

A good strategy is crucial to a well-planned, integrated social media campaign, but Kristi also likes to make our clients' unique personalities and brands shine. She's serious about a good social media plan, but knows half of its effectiveness is in the fun (emphasis on social). Striking that balance is an equally right- and left-brained endeavor that's never boring, which she absolutely adores.

For Kristi, both in the corporate and non-profit arts arenas, the common thread for success lies in the intersection of people, processes, and passion -- and coaxing them to merge. She shares our passion to truly partner with our clients to offer creative, value-added solutions that translate into concrete success. As she likes to say, "It's not about saying no; it's about working together to get to the right YES!"

When Kristi isn't knee-deep in Google Analytics and social media project design, she loves to spend time with her 11-year old son, Jonah, fiance Steve, and her three cats: Ginger, Thomas, and Scout. She also enjoys ethnic cooking, knitting, studying health & wellness, playing & teaching piano to a small studio of students, and enjoying outdoor activities -- usually with a fancy Starbucks in hand.

Kristi is thrilled to join our team to help guide our clients' social media strategies, online presence, and to increase growth with engagement and improved sales.

We are blessed to have Kristi on our team! Her email is